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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

That Doesn't Even Make Sense!

Between daycare, preschool, home, family, and the television, Gavin picks up a lot of new words and sayings.  Sometimes they're cute ("To infinity and beyond!"), sometimes they're irritating ("Trick or treat, smell my feet, . . ."), and sometimes they're inappropriate ("Oh, shit!" I have no idea where he heard this one.  I'm guessing he just picked it up when we were out in public . . . not buying it, huh?).  When he hears a word or phrase he likes, I hear it about 100 times a day (i.e. "That's what I'm talking about!").  Occasionally, however, he picks up phrases and doesn't quite get when or how to use them.

Recently, we've had a lot of conversations that go a little like this:

Me: Gavin, you need to sit down and eat.
Gavin:  How many more bites?
Me:  You need to eat three bites of everything.
Gavin:  That doesn't even make sense.
Me:  Yes, it does make sense.  You need to eat three bites of your chicken, three bites of your macaroni, and three bites of applesauce.
Gavin:  That doesn't even make SENSE!
Me:  Yes, it does.
Gavin: No, it doesn't make sense.

Alright, kid, clearly you heard that somewhere, and you don't understand what it means. 

Not even five minutes later:
Me: Okay, pick up your toys and then get in the bath.
Gavin: That doesn't even make sense.
Me: You don't make sense.
Gavin:  That doesn't even make sense!

Just get in the tub.

Hopefully it's a saying he tires of quickly because I'm tired of hearing it.  Although, I will admit that it's better than hearing him sing, "Bow-chicka-wow-wow; bow-wow-chicka-wow."  I guess I should inquire about whether or not they're showing porn at daycare these days . . .


  1. Hahaha such a funny little kid. I had a similar experience with my niece when she kept telling me, "For instance."

    She kept adding it to everything she was telling me about, "Uncle Naffen, for instance I need to potty." Now that didn't make sense but sometimes I couldn't help but laugh.

    Kids are hilarious!

  2. He does say the cutest ya babe!

  3. Got to say...he is sharp as a tack...and funny too!

  4. Hahahahaha! Sorry, am I not supposed to laugh?

  5. Porn at daycare? Probably. Those little sayings are irritating after about the 43rd time. Don't worry. He'll soon tire of this one and move right along to the next.