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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm totally copyrighting my son's first song

Over the past weekend, we headed north, off into the woods, to do a little hiking, a wee bit of fishing (and by wee bit I mean Gavin mostly got his lure caught in the weeds before it even touched water), some hot dog and marshmallow roasting, and a smidgen of sleeping in a tent that leaked, but just a little.  Even with the few periods of rain, it was a beautiful weekend, we stayed relatively dry (most of the wetness came from a spilled beverage . . . what kind of irresponsible person spills a beverage in a tent?  Oh . . . yeah, that was me.) and everyone had a great time, including Charlie, who developed a taste for charred firewood (he also developed a taste for glasses - the kind you wear on your face to see out of your eyes - but that's a story for another time).

Right before the masterpiece was created.
On one of our hikes down to the river and back, Gavin started singing his ABC's.  It's something he's been working on (and will continue to work on since preschool is putting the pressure on us).   So, as we're casually walking along the trail (and by casually I mean Charlie is pulling so hard on the leash that I'm pretty sure he's going to choke himself to the point of unconsciousness), Gavin begins modifying the lyrics.

His first version was:  A, B, C, D, E, F, Gavin.

This is cute because Gavin starts with "G."  (I realize I just made you feel like a moron by pointing that out.  Sorry.)  Smiles and chuckles all around, which encourage him to make keep modifying.

His second version:  A, B, C, D, E, F, Danion.

Okay, Danion doesn't start with G, but Danion (the dog) was there, and Gavin loves that freaking dog.  More smiles, more chuckles, onto a new version.

His third versionA, B, C, D, E, F, Charlie.

Again, cute.  What a funny kid, and he sure does like his dogs.  Ha ha!

His fourth (and soon-to-be-copyrighted-version)A, B, C, D, E, F, you.

Now, if you're sitting there puzzled, think about it (and I'm not mentioning any names of specific family members that are close to my age but just a little younger and live on the west coast and own a dog named Riley).

A, B, C, D, E, F you.

Of course, Gavin had no idea what a  hilarious masterpiece of lyrical brilliance he had just created, but it was hard not to laugh.  And by laugh I mean to the point of tears and peeing my pants.  Because there's no way I didn't laugh at that.

So, I'm going to get a copyright for that song.  It's going to revolutionize preschools across the country.  Every parent will be singing that song with their toddlers.  Never mind the fact that they won't actually be learning the alphabet - in alphabetical order.  It's not that important anyway.  I mean, who needs to know the alphabet these days?  You're welcome.

P.S.  Gavin's other recent masterpiece:

Take that academically rigorous preschool!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Kids really DO say the funniest things!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  2. OOHHH my thats just too cute!! I def wanna copy of the cd when it hits shelves ;)!

    Hi, Im Stopping by from the VB Monday Free Hop, loving the blog!, J'S REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS
    Thanks so much! have a great day!

    Already following!

  3. Too funny! Do you remember the bit on Sesame Street when Kermit was teaching the alphabet to a little girl who kept substituting the phrase "Cookie Monster" for the letter Kermit wanted her to say next? Gavin reminds me of that. Too awesome.

  4. Good work Gavin... make sure he sings it for the preschool teachers pressuring him to sing the real version!

    Good luck with lovelinks this week!

  5. You show that preschool of his - this kid's gifted and talented!! (-:

  6. Great song! It'll be great until he sings it to the wrong person... like his principal.

    Good luck with the copyright!

  7. LOVE it. HAHA. I am cracking up. I'm totally going to use this. Next time someone pisses me off...ABCDE F YOU!

  8. That is hilarious! I would have laughed to almost peeing, too. My younger son took to singing the Name Game song and enjoyed freaking me out by using the name "Chuck" :P

    And look at Gavin's letters! He's crackerjack smart :)

  9. Gavin is gonna be that cool kid in school, I can tell! Hahahaha. Yep, worth a copyright, that one! ;)

  10. Kids are the most amazing creatures ever!! They come up with things that are so simple to them yet hysterically funny to use! This is great!!